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 Santa’s Magical Summit

June 3-5th, 2019

Hotel Zamora Saint Petersburg Beach Florida


 Santa’s Magical Summit is a workshop designed to teach the art and business of nostalgic Santa portraiture. Larry, the originator of magical Santa photographic art leaves nothing out. From backgrounds, to adding digital magic, to finding the perfect Santa, to marketing and maximizing your sales, and what products should

Day 1 

We begin by covering Larry’s why and Santa’s Magical Gift. This is how to get people in your door. We follow this with full instruction on every aspect of set design, background and lighting. We do live Santa training including how to pose your Santa. And of course alive Santa session with a child. Larry will demonstrate how to think in planes and understand consistent composition. He will go over complete posing and lighting as it relates to a storytelling set environment. Larry will also discuss what it means to photograph in a flow-posing scenario for the collection of a group of images that tell a story for a book. There is more to this book than its cover.  

Day 2

Lightroom, Photoshop, Topaz and the Magic. What are we doing/creating and why! Taking an image from Good to Extraordinary! Larry will teach you his workflow and post editing. Bring on the magic! 

Day 3 

Products, Merchandising, Branding, Marketing and Sales.

This is the most important day of all as this will be applicable to everything you do all year long. These five headings will be covered in depth. Systems, systems, systems. He will also show you his product line – what to sell to make maximum profits and how to get sales over $5000. 


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