About the Artist Larry Hersberger

Internationally Licensed Artist and Recognized Fine Art Portrait Photographer.

Larry Hersberger is passionate about creating. As an artist and portrait photographer he will create for you from his heart and give you 100% of his knowledge, expertise and imagination.

"We have people come to us from all over the country. I feel the artwork has touched a core spot in the hearts of people nationally and worldwide. It really is special and quite exciting to be commissioned to create for so many people from so many different places. I believe in creating a photograph and piece of art that begs for and captures your gaze. The end artwork will feed your imagination and evoke emotions that are palpable. I want people to see and feel the magic and beauty of the entire image. Each image has a message and story to tell," says Mr. Hersberger. 

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Nostalgic Storyteller:

Larry Hersberger has always viewed life and art from a nostalgic and joyous point of view. Larry has been a story teller all his life and his imagination has lead to original lines of art that are receiving worldwide recognition. These include his nationally popular Magical Santa, Thomas the Snowman, Snow Drifter, Winter Wonderland, Vintage Baseball, A Day at the Beach, Lazy Days of Summer and many more. This artistic, storytelling perspective is woven into each and every portrait.


Simply put, Larry strives to create and not duplicate. His clients know him as an artist and designer first.  Combining of his innovative art techniques, design fundamentals, knowledge of light and photographic skills, Larry masterfully creates unique, groundbreaking artwork for each and every client. 

Classic Creator of the Fine Art Portrait:

Larry finds the beauty and simplicity of the human spirit fascinating. His ability to create a timeless heirloom image from any and all subjects is no small feat. This takes knowledge and a great understanding of how to communicate with people of all walks of life (including pets). This is where Larry shines. Simply put, people are comfortable around him and he cares about you and your family. Larry understands his responsibility during the session and knows the final artwork will be viewed by generations to come. The classic fine art portrait must be timeless and show the essence of the individual or family at a glance. The details of these portrait sessions are very important and are discussed in the consultation prior to the session.

Renaissance Artist

Mr. Hersberger is a writer, sculptor, painter, designer, graphic artist and fine art photographer. He boasts an impressive history of experience during his prodigious 25 years in the photography industry. Few can claim to have visited over 3,000 photography studios in North America, traveled to 28 countries embracing diverse cultural influences, designed photography products for clients in over 51 countries, and worked with over 30 leading master portrait artists.

During his tours to various studios nationwide, Hersberger witnessed the affects of new digital technology. He quickly recognized its value and embraced the new digital era.

Hersberger has developed his own unique style using a theatrical and storytelling approach to create much of his portrait art. 

Theatrical Photography

Combining influences from classical painters, respected master portrait photographers from around the world, advances in digital post-production and live theater, Hersberger developed his own brand of art and fine art portraiture. As each portrait session is the creation of a Fine Art piece, his work always features strong emphasis on the fundamentals of light, color and composition. "I want each image to tell a story and stir emotion!"


Hersberger’s unique history and business acumen has made him a sought-after lecturer internationally. Additionally, he hosts intimate instructional workshops in his North Carolina studio, where students can fully experience his fine art photography methods. See our Workshop information on the website and contact us for event dates, booking information or to inquire about upcoming workshops. His message can change your life and increase productivity for your business.